SALESFORCE and its free rise

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The software company is on the verge of entering, once again, a free-rise phase.

Although it has already surpassed the last historical high left in the summer of 2020 at $283, Salesforce should be able to surpass the last relative high left a couple of weeks ago around $286. Its definitive overcoming would confirm its entry into free rise, an ideal scenario to try to attack the upper part of its medium-term bullish channel, a range between $310 and $315. Below, the bearish gap ($260) is the reference to watch.

Pro1 PREMIUM Portfolio

Resistances: $286.

Supports: $270, $260, $242, $209.

Targets: (Bullish) $310, $340.

Trend structure in SALESFORCE:

  • Short term: Bullish.
  • Medium term: Bullish.
  • Long term: Bullish.

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