TESLA “to the moon”

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The agreement to sell 100,000 vehicles to HERZ has catapulted the electric car manufacturer to new all-time highs.

The overcoming of 900 dollars left the stock in a phase of absolute free ascent, a scenario prone to develop a new upward stretch towards 1000-1050 dollars. Above the upper part of this range, the stock would collide with the upper part of its medium-term bullish channel, a formation that could act as a trend catalyst in the short term should it finally break through to the upside. The 1120 dollars would become its next target to conquer, although a further extension in search of the 1200 dollars would not be ruled out at all. Below 880 and 820 dollars are, for the moment, the supports to watch.

Pro1 PREMIUM Portfolio

Resistances: It has not, in free rise.

Supports: $900-880, $820, $700, $660.

Targets: (Bullish) $1000, $1050, $1120, $1200.

Trend structure in TESLA:

  • Short term: Bullish.
  • Medium term: Bullish.
  • Long term: Bullish.

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